Monday, July 6, 2015

"Logrolling" Assembly Republican Gannon pleads, "Throw me in Jail!"

Most Wanted?
One Wisconsin Now tried to make it as simple as possible. They warned a few Republicans they appeared to be breaking the law. 

We're talking about a few stubborn Republican legislators who are saying they won't vote on the budget if prevailing wage isn't repealed. They’re trying to intimidate fellow legislators. It’s a violation of state law:

Wisconsin State Statute 13.05, entitled "Logrolling prohibited," bars legislators from trading or making contingent their vote for or against one legislative matter for votes for or against another legislative matter … Class I felony penalty (pictured).

Will Republican Rep. Bob Gannon back away from his intimidation tactic? Nope. 

He says he won't be...wait for it, intimidated. Doh!:

“I’ve been told by members of my own caucus that it may be illegal to draw a line in the sand on what I will consider acceptable terms for prevailing wage reforms in the 2015 – 2017 state budget. Now a liberal Madison, WI, news outlet, One Wisconsin Now, asserts that taking a position of this nature may be a felony act. “My legal counsel disagrees with these interpretations of the law, and while a rogue prosecutor can at times get away with wild-eyed investigations and criminal-charging decisions, I’m willing to take that chance. Martyr me if you must, but the financial integrity of this state is too important to cow to tactics of intimidation. “Here goes my allegedly-illegal statement on the budget; 
‘I will not vote in favor of any budget that does not have real prevailing wage reform, including the removal of all local entities from the provisions of this law. There, I got it off my chest, and I feel totally refreshed."
Hate those "rogue prosecutors" who get away with winning a case or two against people who break the law.


  1. Aaaaaaaand... of course he's from my neck of the woods, land of Grothman and Pridemore.

  2. Thursday 10AM Barca took him on in Assembly Super Session. He himself admitted he is not very smart!!