Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Walker Stumbles Again, Twice; compares gay men to pedophiles, dismisses value of minimum wage workers lives.

Gay Boy Scout Leaders Dangerous: The press won't say it, but I will: Scott Walker just compared gay men to pedophiles, when he said the ban on gay Boy Scout leaders "protected children." Seriously, what else would it mean?
The Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Committee voted unanimously this week to allow gay adults to serve as employees and troop leaders. In response to the vote, Walker told IJReview: 
“I was an Eagle Scout, my kids have been involved, Tonette (Walker) was a den mother. I have had a lifelong commitment to the Scouts and support the previous membership policy because it protected children and advanced Scout values.”
What a leader and bigoted presidential wannabe.

Minimum Wage Disconnect: Scott Walker must also think that minimum wage service industry jobs are either on their way out or just a brief jumping off point to a great paying job in the future that will never go away. These jobs are here to stay, as the nation moves to a greater dependence on service industry employers. Major companies that reorganized their business model after the Great Recession now require fewer full time workers, and depend more on parttime workers making less money and no costly benefits.

So Walker's tone deaf comment about how lame it for Democrats to focus on the minimum wage is brutally disconnected from reality:

"The left claims that they're for American workers and they've just got really lame ideas — things like the minimum wage. Instead of focusing on that, we need to talk about how we get people the skills and the education and the qualifications that they need to take on the careers that pay far more than the minimum wage."

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