Saturday, July 18, 2015

"Peacemaker" has one big regret after Capitol Bomb Threat.

Even a disenfranchised liberal Wisconsinite with mental health issues knows when they've gone too far, especially after calling in a Capitol bomb threat:
He had one big regret...
WKOW: The suspect in a bomb threat at the state capitol earlier this month tells 27 News actions by Governor Walker and state lawmakers, combined with his mental health issues, prompted him to call police and cause an evacuation of the building during state budget debate.

"I just snapped," 55-year old Daniel Veerhusen of Madison tells 27 News. "I've called most of my state officials and politely ask them to please do their jobs, and think about who they're affecting," Veerhusen says ... he relies on state disability funds due to his medical conditions, including a recent stroke ... he uses a wheelchair the majority of the time. "Always been a peacemaker," Veerhusen says. "The medications that I've been on have taken such a heavy toll.". 
Here's the twist:
Veerhusen was interrogated and admitted to making the phone call, "and regretted his actions after he learned 'concert on the square' was evacuated.

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  1. To paraphrase Chris Rock : "Not that I think making bomb threats against these people is OK....but I understand."

    Jake formerly of the LP