Friday, July 17, 2015

Walker's Troubled WEDC may change rules to avoid Taxpayer Accountability.

Well, if you can’t follow the rules, change the rules.

Republicans like to call themselves “fiscal conservatives,” but that’s laughable now that we’ve seen how these carnival barkers manage state government.

Scott Walker may have been fired as the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, but the troubled agency isn’t getting any better.
WSJ: The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. is still not following its policies for ensuring companies that receive millions in taxpayer-backed awards are creating promised jobs, agency officials acknowledged Thursday. 

But rather than comply with existing policy, officials are recommending changing policy: Remove a policy that staff “view the capital investment and/or review the underlying financial records, e.g. invoices, payroll data, etc.” during site visits,   and an annual requirement to “verify the performance of all Enterprise Zone Tax Credit awards,” which are the agency’s largest and most coveted economic development tools. The agency isn’t reviewing any of its 20 enterprise zone awards this year … the agency doesn’t have the resources to review them all.
Get that? They’re now going to get rid of checking their own work, because they can't afford funding the agency to adequately oversee the business? This works for "stand with Walker" supporters? Poof, magically no more record keeping and lost loan money.
Sen. Julie Lassa, D-Stevens Point, a WEDC board member and policy committee member, objected to removing the only reference to such a review from agency policy. “You have to have some sort of verification.”
Not if you're a Republican.

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