Friday, March 1, 2013

False premise: Pro-lifers would never harm their opponents?

This is just a short post that looks squarely at premise, “how stupid do you think we are.” I love the conservative whack-a-doodle name "Young Americans for Freedom." 
What happened: Last January, Kristopher Del Campo, the chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter and other pro-life students received permission from the university to erect a pro-life display featuring 500 flags. Vandals later destroyed the display … the university’s public safety department eventually identified 13 students who confessed to the crime. Those names were then released by the university to Del Campo.
Del Campo then decided to allow vigilante justice run its course with the subtle threat below, as you can see in the picture:
"Action must be taken against these students or other liberals will have free license to continue to squelch the ideas of conservatives on campus."
The highlighted line makes it quite obvious any unreasonable conservative might take the law into their own hands, as they have in the past with deadly consequences.
On Feb. 5 the national Young Americans for Freedom organization posted the names of the vandals on their website. The posting generated negative comments directed at the vandals – and the university held Del Campo responsible. Del Campo was informed that he had violated DePaul’s Code of Student Responsibility. He was formally charged ten days later. “Instead of supporting a student whose free speech rights were violated, DePaul University bullied Kristopher Del Campo for daring to expose the 13 vandals,” said Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson. “They put him through a Soviet-style show trial.”
Del Campo is apparently free from university rules and regulations because the Constitution allows it? Here's a comment that factually points out the regulation.
Right #11 states "The right to have proceedings and documentation kept confidential. All hearings, proceedings and case information are considered confidential except to those who have a legitimate educational interest in them, or as permitted or required under FERPA, the Clery Act, or any other legal mandate.

DEL CAMPO directly violated this right … I feel like this was a revenge post.
Conservatives,  including the Young Americans for Freedom, don't believe in laws they don't like, and don't obey them.

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