Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Armed Society creates other deadly problems…ya think?

Now we're seeing the time filling sport of shooting randomly at people in cars. Hey, it's something to do for law abiding gun owners, before they break the law.
Channel3000: A vehicle was struck by a bullet on Verona Road in Madison early Tuesday morning … A 24-year-old Madison man told police he was exiting from the Highway when he passed an oncoming car traveling north. He said he thought he heard a stone strike his vehicle, but he discovered a bullet hole in the rear driver's side door. Police said the suspect vehicle is a white four-door car, and the victim appears to be a random target.
More random "freedom:"
A Madison home suffered damage from gunfire early Wednesday morning … A 24-year-old resident called police at 12:24 a.m. after hearing a noise and finding a gunshot hole in a wall and in the front window of his living room. Police said the shot appeared to be fired from the street, but the victim didn't hear or see any people … they believe the victim's home was a random target.

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Anonymous said...

LOL holy shit!!! Thes two incidents were in a heavy democrat area, heavy black population, and now you are saying law abiding citizens are out shooting up houses. You are a fucking idiot. Hey jerk wad, law abiding citizens dont drive around shooting up shit you idiot. This is what criminals do asshole!!! Go suck a gun barrell and squeeze the trigger for us. It would be doing this country a favor by getting rid of a liberal marxist bastard.