Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hey, Republican Voters in the Town of Jackson, still think Environmental concerns over the Keystone Pipeline were Ridiculous?

I hate to politicize the horror many in the Town of Jackson are experiencing right now, knowing their drinking water isn't safe, but this is what can happen when energy independence comes at the expense of the environment.

I wonder how many conservative voters at the Jackson meeting were in full support of building the Keystone Pipeline through the Nebraska aquifer. It's not so much fun drinking bottled water now, is it?
Journal Sentinel Picture
jsonline: Town of Jackson - More than 800 people packed a meeting Tuesday night to hear West Shore Pipe Line Co. representatives explain how they are cleaning up gasoline spilled in a July 17 pipeline break and testing private wells.

Several homeowners at the meeting in the Jackson Area Community Center shouted objections to the pace of testing wells. Others questioned whether the Village of Jackson municipal well could be contaminated.

One dozen private wells have been contaminated with gasoline since the break … Residents of the area are urged not to use water from private wells for drinking, cooking and food preparation. The area encompasses 230 properties … Gasoline from the spill is moving through fractures in the dolomite, so groundwater is susceptible to contamination … The top of the aquifer is only 120 feet beneath the surface. Residents of those subdivisions should use their water only for flushing toilets. "This means no skin contact, no laundry, no bathing and no lawn or garden watering," the advisory said.
UPDATE: Good news, these folks are getting help:
Each of the private wells at 43 Town of Jackson homes where residents have been advised to limit their water use to flushing toilets only will be equipped by this weekend with special filtration units capable of removing gasoline contaminants, a state environmental official said Wednesday.


  1. Lord help the kids, pets and wildlife!

  2. I know I'm being facetious but where are the small government deregulators? Raise the federal allowable ppb of benzene in the water high enough to make the drinking water safe. Their great-granfathers drank out of those wells, don't let big government stop you now.