Friday, March 25, 2011

Walker’s Government by intimidation & Conservative Justice’s Temper Tantrums Disturbing for Public.

The following two Wisconsin State Journal reader accounts sound like something you would see coming from a third world dictatorship.
Dear Editor: The effects on our children of what is happening in Madison was brought home to me recently. 
I volunteer at my granddaughter’s elementary school one morning a week. Last week before I left, the school counselor told me there had been police cars at the school that morning. My granddaughter had seen them and had gone to the counselor’s office to ask why the police were there. 
The counselor told her the officers had come to school to talk with the kindergarten class. My granddaughter said she thought Gov. Scott Walker had sent the police to take the teachers’ money, as she had heard on the news that the governor wanted to take money from teachers. My granddaughter loves school and has adored all of her teachers, and she was genuinely concerned. 
At first I was amused. After giving it more thought, I found it disturbing that an 8-year-old would be faced with such concerns and have such a negative impression of our governor and his attitude toward people who are so important in her life.
And another view: 
Dear Editor: About two weeks ago, I was up at the Capitol protesting with a friend during my lunch hour. Prosser was walking away from the Capitol. My friend recognized him, pointed him out to me, and then I repeatedly shouted out, “Prosser alert.” 
Prosser proceeded to walk down the sidewalk and then abruptly turned around when he was about 100 yards away. He marched up to me, got up into my face, and then demanded to know my name. I asked him why he needed to know my name and he responded that I seemed to know his name, so he should know mine. I did not provide my name and he left when people started to gather around us. 
My friend thought the whole scenario was rather surreal as Prosser is a public figure and should be used to being recognized in public. 

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