Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nepotism, Cronyism without Blinking an Eye, Republicans Shameless

When I read this story originally, in the paper version, the Wisconsin State Journal didn’t bother mentioning Laurie McCallum’s relationship to a former politician and governor we all might remember, Scott McCallum. Here finally is what I assume's a “correction” for that oversight, and the raw message of cronyism and nepotism the Republican style of government is ushering in, and the subtle attempt by the paper to cover it up. Remember the Republican assembly and senate majority leaders dad?

McCallum may have the creds for the job, but really, is any of this just a coincidence anymore?
WSJ: Laurie McCallum, the wife of former governor Scott McCallum, was appointed to the state Labor and Industry Review Commission, Gov. Scott Walker announced Friday.  
“I’m very grateful that Gov. Walker would have enough confidence in me to appoint me,” said McCallum, who has been a review attorney with the LIRC for the past eight years. Before that, she served as a commissioner with LIRC and as chair of the state Personnel Commission for 13 years.

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  1. Normal people understand that the Wisconsin State Journal is a piece of crap rag that nobody in their right mind should purchase. Unless of course you need to housebreak your puppy or line the bottom of the bird cage.

    From the right-wing nutcases who scribble out their editorial prattle to the crappy "journalists" paraphrasing AP and NYT copy, this paper has been a joke for years.

    Their website sucks too. Does anyone other than the ignorant old repigs read it anymore? I think not since they are constantly trying to push it down the public's throats with free giveaways and other wastes of landfill space.