Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blame is Easy for Government Shut Down: Tea Party Republicans!

You want proof?

Despite the tea party's constant reminders that there will be no compromise, and they will shut the government down if they don't get their way, the media continues to suggest the Democrats might be blamed as well.

But the tea party continues to make their government shutdown threats and presence known in D.C., where the media just loves their kamikazi style of government. Will they notice who's really to blame?
TheWeek: To avoid a politically devastating government shutdown, (John Boehner) has to reach a budget deal with Senate Democrats, the White House, and even some House Democrats. But doing so would mean alienating some conservatives in his caucus, causing a fissure in the GOP leadership, and possibly jeopardizing his speakership.
 That means a shutdown. Or this;
MSNBC: The Tea Partiers who helped drive GOP gains in the last election are rallying in the city they love to hate Thursday, urging Republican House leaders — Speaker John Boehner above all — to resist the drive toward compromise ... Even, they say, if that means Congress fails to do its most important job — paying for the government. And if Boehner opts instead to agree to a deal with President Barack Obama? "You're going to see massive amounts of (GOP) primaries" said Mark Meckler of the Tea Party Patriots.
That means a shutdown. Or this;
USA Today: "I support Rand Paul's $500 billion," said Hoffman, referring to a proposal by the Kentucky GOP senator to cut a half trillion from the budget in one year. "I don't think compromise is something the American people can afford." 
Rep. Mike Pence told the crowd his colleagues should be using the threat of a government shutdown to their advantage.

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