Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Study Bad News for Underemployed in Low Paying Lousy jobs we should all be happy to have.

With the growing number of underemployed workers in lower paying jobs, this bit of research does not bode well for improving the uncertainty American feel about job security, wages and benefits.
A BAD job that asks too much without giving back enough is just as stressful as having no job at all, a big Australian study has found. Researchers from the Centre for Mental Health at the Australian National University analyzed 7000 Australians over seven years. 
In a surprise finding, they … discovered that the mental health of people without jobs was comparable and often better than those who were working in poor quality jobs characterized by high demand and complexity, low job control and unfair pay. 
In addition, the research published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, showed that although mental health improved when people moved out of unemployment into a good job, moving into a poor quality job was more detrimental to mental health than remaining unemployed.

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