Thursday, March 24, 2011

Voters Overwhelmingly back Employees Right to Paid Sick Leave, Republican Legislature Working to Nullify Will of People.

When 69 percent of Milwaukee voters passed the right for paid sick leave in a referendum two years ago, the business community challenged the will of the citizens in court, and managed to hold up the benefit.

That’s over.
jsonline: The Wisconsin Court of Appeals on Thursday upheld Milwaukee's paid sick-day ordinance that was halted by an injunction two years ago … the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce called the ordinance a job killer for the city … Supporters argued that workers should not be forced to choose between being sick or caring for a sick child and a paycheck.
But old habits die hard for the business community and Republican lawmakers, who once again are happy to tell the rest of the country just how bad Wisconsin is for business.
Steve Baas, director of governmental affairs for the MMAC in a call from Chicago we get a ruling like this that will make it more expensive to bring jobs to Milwaukee. It's an ironic whammy," he said. "It will have a chilling effect on the economy and will be bad for our competitiveness."
KaPow!!! Did you hear that corporate America, we’re bad for business?  Stay away.

The pettiness of the business community on this issue is nothing short of bizarre. But if anyone had their doubts about how much the Republican Party is in the back pocket of big money, and not on your side, wonder no more. Those business breaking 5 or 9 days of paid sick leave won’t stand.
MMAC attorneys are working to pass pending state legislation in Madison that would nullify the city's ordinance. 
A bill passed by the state Senate would nullify the city's ordinance. It would require family and medical leave to be uniform throughout the state and would not allow a city, village, town or county to enact an ordinance to provide employees with more leave. Baas said the MMAC have been working closely with legislators to get that measure passed.
MMAC is working closely with Republicans to take sick leave away from employees? Who would have imagined?

Can you say frivolous lawsuit?
In the ruling, the Court of Appeals wrote that the ordinance does not violate any of the statutory or constitutional provisions raised by the MMAC, which sued the city.

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