Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mark Belling is no Nostradamus. Predicts More Middle Class Protesting, Vandalism and Hooliganism...fill in your worst fear.

WISN's Mark Belling relies heavily on the old conservative stand-by, fear mongering the future. What could happen, might happen and/or will happen...probably. Vandalism, hooliganism, the threats, the personal attacks all will intensify Belling predicts. Hell, it may fly in the face of the peaceful 3 week protests at the Capitol, but conservatives are an easily frightened bunch. I've recorded and featured countless videos to document the kind of people marching, holding signs.

Sly in the Morning played the audio clip below, and blamed the Belling rant on "projection." Projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others feel the way you do.

Sly also took a call from a guy who was physically assaulted by tea party bullies...oh remember them?

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