Friday, March 18, 2011

Walker's Crony Capitalism Gets Media Shrug.

Remember when Obama was roundly criticized for putting in place unelected Czars in positions of power?

Remember when Walker was roundly criticized for putting in place unelected Czars in positions of power?

Oh, Walker wasn't criticized? No. With relaxed environmental rules to placate business, tort reform and streamlined deregulation, Scott Walker's market based replacement of government is almost complete. In the most blatant example of crony capitalism...
jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker will be able to name political appointees to fill three dozen civil-service jobs …  affecting 15 state agencies and offices … also make a political appointment out of another key civil service job - the top lawyer spot at the agency overseeing state labor law. The law would make existing civil-service positions into 37 new political appointments, including 14 general counsels, 14 communications positions in state agencies and other positions, including legislative liaisons doing lobbying for agencies. That would allow Walker and agency secretaries to hire and fire employees in those positions at will.
The clincher; these unelected appointments will carry out Walker’s ideological political agenda:
Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said that made sense because workers in those jobs represent Walker as part of their work. "These positions, by their very nature, represent the governor and the administration to legislators, members of the media and other members of the general public. It is reasonable to have them appointed," Werwie said.
If only Obama had said that. 

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  1. Has the media commented on the Republican Senators trip to D.C. to pick up the corporate loot at a fundraiser this week? Aren't they suppose to represent Wisconsin?