Saturday, March 26, 2011

Republicans, Walker, Implementing what they "Believe" to be law....

What we're seeing in our state legislature and governors office is a hostile takeover, where no one with an ounce of managerial skills can be found, and where the surrounding chaos keeps the public scrambling to survive another onslaught of more bad news.  
jsonline: Secretary of State Doug La Follette said Saturday that the budget-repair bill has not taken effect because it has not been published by his office. He added the law cannot take effect until he directs publication in the official state newspaper, the Wisconsin State Journal. Normally, a bill takes effect the day after publication.
But acting as though the bill is law, and rolling it out anyway is not the way an adult responds. Pretending to have power and not letting anyone get in your way is lawlessness.
DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch said in a written statement: "Upon the advice of my legal counsel, the Department of Administration will begin the process of implementing (the law)
Implementing that which is not law! And more amazing still...
An aide to Huebsch said in a text message that the secretary "believes" the budget-repair bill has "been lawfully published."
The concept that those in charge of state government are willing ignore the courts, law, and to do whatever they “believe” to be true, is beyond words. It’s beyond irresponsible. It’s kangaroo government.
Left unanswered … the bill's immediate impact on thousands of state workers … Increased health insurance premiums and retirement contributions for state workers were due to take effect Sunday. 
Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller (D-Monona) said the latest statement by Huebsch "…the governor and the Republican leadership is to try to circumvent the law and circumvent having a court determine whether or not they acted appropriately with the law."
And from the alternate universe where laws are what you say they are…
Republicans said they did not violate the law. 
Janine P. Geske, a former state Supreme Court justice and now a Marquette University law professor, said: "If in fact the state proceeds as though the bill is lawful and in fact the secretary of state must publish it first, there will probably be an attempt by the unions" to gain an injunction against Huebsch.
I don’t believe I’ve ever seen arrogance and governmental chaos like this in my lifetime. 

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  1. "where no one with an ounce of managerial skills can be found..."

    So, f-ing true, my friend. And here's where things will get really, really, scary: when radioactive cesium 137 and iodine 131 are found in Wisconsin's dairy products.

    Normal Wisconsinites must ask themselves if they trust the religiously-insane cranks that now poison our state governmental offices to handle such a potential disaster.

    We can be sure that the first thing they would do is to try to cover up any problems. The next thing they probably would do is give the milk to poor children......while laughing.