Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Justice Prosser on what "Dave Prosser" is like, and the problem of women bullies in the workplace.

At last nights candidates forum, Justice David Prosser again saw nothing wrong with sounding like a partisan grumpy old man. Still defending calling the Chief Justice a "total bitch," Prosser seems to be appealing to the "silent majority of conservative victims in a liberal world" vote .

When asked how he would return civility, something he dismantled all by himself, to the Supreme Court. Talking about himself in the third person, a frightening habit all by itself, Prosser blamed Justice Abrahamson and Bradley of "ganging up" on him. Poor boy, women in the work place are the worst bullies.
Prosser: "I am not the source of the conflict on the court...When I'm re-elected, a lot of the problems are going to change because there will no longer be the incentive to embarrass Dave Prosser...I think most observers would say, 'Dave Prosser is right in the middle."
Challenger Assistant AG JoAnne Kloppenburg had this response:
Kloppenburg: "The first thing I would not do is castigate my fellow justices in public." 
Amen to that.

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