Friday, March 18, 2011

My Kids; the victims of Scott Walker’s Sociopathic Pursuit of a Corporate State and Education.

I’m angry, as a parent, and lifelong resident of Wisconsin. I have stayed in Wisconsin for one reason; it’s not like any other state. That's about to end. Dickensian economics is the rage now, and sacrificing Americans are portrayed as patriotic symbols of a repentant society. Bull!

It looks like our vilified teachers are tired of getting pushed around too.  The best are about to retire, and I don't blame them, but I am very concerned about my two, elementary and middle school kids. 
Beloit Daily News: Following Gov. Scott Walker’s budget legislation, a growing wave of Wisconsin employees is looking into ending their public sector careers.
Between Feb. 28 and March 11, 1,146 state workers applied for retirement … up 65 percent compared to this time last year. Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds, also reports that from Feb. 28 to March 11 the agency received 3,504 requests for retirement estimates, more than double the same period last year. ETF spokesman Matt Stohr said the agency usually receives about 1,000 calls daily inquiring about estimates, applications and benefits, but recently that number has spiked to 6,000.
This is all about teachers. Great teachers, like the ones I hoped my younger son would get and benefit from, like his older brother did. I’m mad. Conservative Bush policies wiped out my small business, and now conservative Walker cuts are going to disadvantage by son’s chances to be taught by the best.
(It) could be part of a trend where record numbers of public employees choose retirement. Retirement applications tend to spike between April and June, when teachers and school staff typically close their careers. 
Kettle Moraine School District Superintendent Pat DeKlotz said 16 school employees have filed for retirement, about 5 percent of the district’s total work force, and she expects a “handful” of applications to come in the upcoming weeks.
What a way to save district money? I can't believe I'm alone in this nerve racking uncertainty. 

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