Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Capitol Police Chief Tubbs "Zero Arrests" Policy not Enforcing "Good Behavior" on Protesters say Conservatives.

Why should we tolerate even one union controlled thug? Did you see the mobs protesting day after day, week after week? Parents and teachers ordered their children to betray their Republican government leaders. 
WSJ: Towering over the crowd at 6 feet 5 inches, Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs made his way through the packed rotunda, stopping constantly to negotiate.
Negotiate? Outrageous when you consider voters in November voted to make Republicans our one party rulers forever.
Critics said Tubbs should have acted more forcefully and ordered officers to throw protesters out of the building, perhaps even brought out the riot gear.
But liberal Madison had another way of dealing with a citizen’s constitutional right to protest.
Tubbs urged “voluntary compliance” from protesters and warned of the negative consequences of being arrested — noting particularly the effect that having a criminal record can have on getting an education or finding a job. Then Tubbs met with protesters and other law enforcement leaders, including Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney, Madison Police Chief Noble Wray, and UW-Madison Police Chief Susan Riseling, the emphasis was on making sure demonstrations stayed peaceful and dialogue between police and demonstrators stayed open. Throughout the protests, Tubbs said he focused on a goal of “zero arrests.” He even discouraged protesters from playing or singing music that could cause a “negative environment.” 
No arrests. No vandalism. No riots. No pushing and shoving. No weapons draped over protesters shoulders. No misspelled signs in the Capitol. No kids being publically brainwashed by teachers or day care providers. Even Captain America ended up...just walking around. I saw him.

Still, there is no excuse for a few hundred thousand misguided Wisconsinites to question authority like that, behavior that won’t be tolerated:
Some accused Tubbs of being too accommodating and letting protesters get too comfortable at the Capitol. 
“The police who are responsible for enforcing good behavior in the Capitol have not been doing their jobs,” conservative Waukesha-based blogger James Wigderson wrote during the height of the protests and occupation. “The Capitol is not ‘Animal House.’ It is not a flop house. If Police Chief Charles Tubbs is incapable of understanding his responsibilities, then he should be fired.
Authoritarian much?

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