Monday, March 28, 2011

Children Fined for Protest Sign at Capitol. What a way to win over public opinion.

One of the more important videos yet. It puts the Walker administrations unconstitutional policies on full display. The comments that followed the video on YouTube were uplifting. Hey Republicans, is this really another example of protest thuggery?:

1. I feel really bad for all of them. That cop really did not want to have to give them a citation. Good for those kids for standing up for their rights though, and excellent for their parents for standing behind them on it.  
2. Walker's attack on constitutional right to freedom of speech via his administrative code is not law, but, "An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. 
3. Their willingness to accept citation in support their children over injustice says it all. Solidarity! 
4. Exploit your children. way to go!

5. This is a great lesson in constitutionality for children (and adults) everywhere. The officer is clearly happy to be part of the big picture here, and to be filmed showing what actual civil discourse is with these children and their parents. Too bad they will eventually see how uncivil some officers of the law can be if they keep standing up for their rights as they get older. All a part of the resistance and being a true patriot.
6. I don't know whether to "like" for them standing up for their rights or "dislike" for this violation of freedom of speech. (I'm sorry the officers are put in this position as it is obvious they are not excited about trampling on the rights defined in our constitution) The officer was very respectful and polite. Perfect example of doing his job and not being a dick about it. 
7. It also says no easel on a sign by the door...but look at that...the signs on an easel. Irony? 
8. Civil disobedience is about exposing corruption in the legal system and not complying with some unethical demand, We are not sheep. We are humans. Also, kudos to the officer's involved for treating everyone with respect and staying professional. This is how society is supposed to work - while we may disagree with one another (or disagree with the law), we can still be civil with one another. 
9. Way to go boys!!!!! You're parents are awesome! 
10. "Can't you read the sign? It says no signs!" 
11. This is not the cop's fault. He is following orders from Walker's administration. Thank you for being respectful of the family. BUT good for the family for standing up for their beliefs and for free speech!! They are not taping the sign on the wall, which is the intent of the rule. They are not causing any damage to our house. This whole thing is getting ridiculous!

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