Monday, March 28, 2011

Authoritarian One Party Rule? So? says DOA Sec. Mike Huebsch.

While doing a little research, I found this Isthmus article dealing with the administrations attempts to close the Capitol to the public. The testimony from former Republican politician and now DOA Sec. Mike Huebsch cannot be taken any other way than to say to the public, “go away, you’re bothering us.” 

Arrogantly assuming the massive crowds of protesters didn't have any “business” with their legislators protesting their attack on labor is nothing short of amazing. I guess you need to pencil in a time, huh?:
DOA Secretary Michael Huebsch maintained they were within constitutional limits because the Capitol was not closed to those who “had business” with legislators … Witnesses detailed the difficulties of accessing the Capitol, even if they had a meeting scheduled with representatives. 
Huebsch cited further concerns ranging from building capacity and fire safety to hygiene and the presence of unlicensed childcare services within the building.
Did Huebsch really say “unlicensed childcare services?” Nice pot shot. Huebsch is really questioning why we would ever expose our kids to their constitutional rights at such a young age? And on the fire safety issue:
Madison Fire Department Lieutenant Joe Conway Jr. said he thought exits seemed clear and the environment was safe even when the building was full of protesters.  Additionally, the judge noted, “There is no evidence so far of damage to state property.” 
Huebsch replied: “You don’t buy car insurance after you’ve had an accident, you buy it before. And there are certain procedures that are taken to prevent problems.”
"Problems" like free speech and protesting your government? Hell, if you can just stop all that complaining, no problems right? But I think former AG Peg Lautenschlager summed it up with this comment;
“There were no problems in the Capitol other than it was filled with people every day.”

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