Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How dumb do voucher supporters think we are?

I had to scratch my head when I read this AP story on the bad voucher test scores in the 21 year old Milwaukee choice program.
AP:  Supporters of a Milwaukee school-voucher program say they’re not deterred by test results showing that kids in those programs perform worse than students in public schools do. 
They’re not deterred? Really? They’re okay with low student scores after 21 years of pouring taxpayer money into it.
The test results … by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction … show that voucher students are nowhere near their public school counterparts. 
How will the governor ever find a way to put a positive spin on the devastating test results?
Gov. Scott Walker says the overall voucher program is “exceptional.”
What??? Walker didn’t even try to come up with something that made any sense. And of course, the slightly higher graduation rate is the only straw Republicans can grab onto. How can low scoring student’s have a better graduation rate? Hell, I don’t know. But as a parent, I wouldn’t bet on my kid graduating with low scores on reading and math. Of course, after demanding teachers be accountable and paid depending partly on their test scores, it would follow that Rep. Robin Vos would be concerned about student test scores, right?  
State Rep. Robin Vos says the test scores don’t tell the whole story.
Spoke too soon.

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