Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Veterans on Saturday protested the cost of war and support for our workers.

Wonder how we ever got so deep into debt?

Think about the state deficit and then consider this: The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will cost Wisconsin taxpayers 2.5 billion this year alone. That’s money that could have stayed here in our state or supported national funding for education and health care. Obama should have gotten us out of this costly war policy, but he didn’t.

In another protest I wish I had attended, veterans gathered at the Capitol to voice support for workers and protested the wars cost on all of us-WKOW27 News:

Despite the Republican smoke screen complaints about the U.S. enforcement of the Libyan no fly zone, an election ploy to weaken Obama, they are more than willing to start the next war on a whim (Iran). On top of losing more than 5,800 American military service members since both wars began, illegally without an act of Congress, the costs have been devastating to our own country:
ABC News: The combined cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have topped more than $1.2 trillion, excluding troops' pay, medical costs and interest payments on debt incurred, according to the National Priorities Project, a nonprofit budgetary research group. 
After three days … the cost of operating the no-fly zone over Libya alone could cost the U.S. an estimated $30 million to $100 million a week, a study by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments found.

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