Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Van Hollen Cover-up? What about the woman accused of political death threats?

Why the silence. Over two weeks and nothing. Was it an international liberal socialist plot? Were our Democratic state legislators in on the woman's plot? What tangled web did she weave to scramble the Justice Department in what might be an extended secret investigation?

Or, is Attorney General JB Van Hollen allowing Republicans enough time to get as much political mileage out of it as possible?

From March 15, 2011, and frozen in time...:
GBG: The Wisconsin Department of Justice says it has identified one of the people who sent at least two death threats to elected officials over the past month ... The department says the female suspect was identified and located Thursday night. No other information about the person was released ... Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and his brother Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald are among the lawmakers who say they received threats. They are both Republicans...

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  1. How about Judge Proesser's vow to "destroy" the Chief Justice of the WI Supreme Court? Is that a death threat? Will there be prosecution? Just wondering.