Friday, March 25, 2011

Democrat Joins Club for Stupid Republicans with Prison Cost cutting…Who wants to guard a hungry inmate?

The following austere proposal from Democratic Rep. Mark Radcliffe, is crazy enough to make him a welcome member of the Walker administration. Has this guy ever been around a hungry person before?
Cap Times: State Department of Corrections officials appear lukewarm over a Democratic lawmaker's proposal to scale back inmate meals to two a day. 
"Generally, there would be some concerns about the climate that might create within the institutions," says DOC spokesman Tim LeMonds … dissatisfaction with food is a common cause of prison riots, and hungry inmates are likely to be irritable inmates.
With a little common sense, along with the experience of having to deal with hungry kids…
A similar proposal in Tennessee died last year after critics said it would make inmates unruly and increase the possibility for prison violence as inmates grappled over scarcer amounts of food.
But it would save money…
Radcliffe told the Janesville Gazette that his proposal to cut one meal a day from the DOC's budget would save $5 million a year.

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