Friday, March 18, 2011

GOPTrust lies to Its own base, and gets away with it. It's all about winning and power, but then what?

From the Daily Kos, I plucked parts of this interesting post about an email sent out by the GOPTrust. Kos posted the whole email, but really, the following sections make the point ever so clear; balancing state budgets is only an excuse to wipe out unions. 

Brilliantly deceptive, GOP Trust pretends big money’s influence is only a minor player in our electoral process. This is an amazing piece of work:
This morning we delivered a massive blow to Obama's radical agenda. Governor Walker just signed a heroic piece of legislation into law in Wisconsin that will send shockwaves from Madison to Washington, DC. The brave leaders in Wisconsin were able to take on Big Labor because of your overwhelming support.  
If we can break the unions' back in 2011, the Democrats will be on life support to begin 2012. 
The best investment of 2011 is to crush the Democrat Party's base. We are so close to stripping the Democrats of their power base, WE CANNOT LET UP NOW.
Not able to win the battle of ideas, the ones we’re seeing rushed through state houses across America under the “budget emergency” banner, they’ve gone after the free speech underpinnings of our new democracy, money. This is the battle.
The far-left is trying to hijack the narrative here and paint the unions as a counterweight to corporate power, when in reality they have become MORE powerful than corporations under the current administration. Unions are not the little guy anymore and haven't been for a long time, no matter how politically expedient it may be for them to portray themselves as such.
But that’s not true. It’s such an incredible lie that even a little bit of common sense would tell you something is not quite right about their statement.
A new report from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign report released Thursday shows that business interests give $12 for every $1 donated by labor unions. The report available here looks at records for all statewide races from 1999 through mid-October 2010.
Thank you, for spreading a deceptive message to your own conservative voters. You would think Republican voters would feel just a teensy bit betrayed by now.

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