Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Justice Prosser's "Who's the turd.." new Wisconsin protest catch phrase.

Ahhhhh, It's unstoppable...
Cap Times: Supreme Court Justice David Prosser has a point. Somebody was called a turd, and he just wants to know if it was him. 
"Who's the turd here?" he asked at a Supreme Court candidate forum at the Concourse Hotel Tuesday. 
The list of possible candidates: him or Gov. Scott Walker. 
Prosser thought it was inappropriate that a commenter on Kloppenburg's Facebook page wrote, "Stop the turd, vote Kloppenburg." 
On Tuesday, he was still asking the question. 
At a couple of the Capitol rallies I saw people toting posters that unambiguously answered the question. They read: "Scott Walker is a turd," and if that wasn't clear enough, the posters also included a somewhat inartistic rendering of said turd topped with a photo of the governor's head. 
The posters were representing the view of the Madison Sewer Workers Local 236, and I guess someone took it viral from there. 


  1. those signs are awesome!!! Prosser is pretty turdish too though, imho.

  2. After all the great, clever signs, it's all come down to this one.