Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Republicans Try to Discredit Judge Sumi because her son is liberal, once employed by...unions. The Horror!

What should be setting off red flags in the minds of voters all over the state, is the sudden unexpected attack by Republicans directed at Judge Sumi's adult son, a strange response nothing short of character assassination. Are these really the people you want in charge of the state economy, a government we all depend on for our quality of life. It's more like the Hatfield's and the McCoy's. 

Because Judge Sumi barred the Sec. of State Doug La Follette from publishing the bill this week as planned on Friday, Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald took issue with the ruling by saying this: 

Scott Fitzgerald: "She probably should have been conflicted out of ever ruling on this in the first place."
Why? Because her adult son was once employed by a union and is liberal, more than reason enough to assume he might even have close ties to terrorists. Amazing stuff. Beside Fitzgerald's annoying eye twitching, eye brow raising facial expressions of condescension, calling a Tommy Thompson appointed conservative Judge Maryann Sumi and "activist" jurist, is laughably revealing.

Could conservatives show any more disrespect for law than to name call anyone who disagrees with them?
From WTMJ4 and WKOW27:

I had this email conversation with WTMJ's conservative talk host Charlie Sykes, after hearing him go after Sumi's son, who doesn't live at home and probably visits as much as I visit my own parents (not often enough).

Me: Did you do a show on Ginni Thomas' activities influencing, or calling into question, Clarence's Citizens United decision or future hearing on "Obamacare." I would assume this might be a concerned for you and your loyal Syko heads? But muddying the water on Dane County judge Maryann Sumi by insinuating a relative has some influence over a very conservative judge's decision is pure deception. Did you forget why Thompson chose her? But for your drooling listener base, they can't wait to hear their cliff note talking points through the Syke's foggy filter.
 Before long, you'll probably be calling her a "total bitch," threatening to destroy her career. Of course, she would have goaded you into saying it. (a Justice Prosser  reference)
Charlie Sykes: Actually, the left made a huge issue out of it. Turnabout its fair play, don’t you think? (: 
Me: Turnabout is not fair play really, it's just spiteful, cheap and game playing. The conflict for Justice Thomas is real. The conflict of an adult son not living at home is not real for Sumi. Conflating the two is dishonest...Anything for ratings. 

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