Sunday, March 20, 2011

Conservative American’s swarm like flies over Teacher Suicide story!!

Even I didn’t expect this brutal attack from the conservative contingent supporting Scott Walker’s union dismantling. Notice the number of readers who recommended the following brutal teacher “takedown” in the picture above. This is just a sampling of the first few pages of comments. First, the story as it was presented at Big Government by Jim Hoft:  
These People Are Disgusting…
The far left is using a woman’s suicide to attack Governor Scott Walker. Sad. The poor woman killed herself because she didn’t want to pay a higher premium? She killed herself because of this?

each state employee will contribute 12.6% towards their health care costs beginning April 1st. The national average for workers’ contributions in the private sector is 25% so this is not an unreasonable request of our state workers.
No, she didn’t commit suicide over the wage concessions, you morally bankrupt ghoul. But the articles author is actually the more moderate sociopath on the right. Check out the comments that followed:
I want to know why the Unions forced the State to allow a Mentally Deranged person around Children? one has to wonder,......  
what about the "teachers" that are on the edge,...???? Maybe they should be working for the Post Office and,...... away from the children. 
What are the progs gonna do, charge Walker with murder now? Grow up you pathetic MORONS!!!  
Sad, but if she was this unstable perhaps she shouldn't have been around children in the first place. Progressives have no shame. 
Progressives are absolutely disgusting and need to be severely "dealt with" when armed conflict arrives here. 
I say yawn because I have learned the left has no bottom limit for their depravity. Shameful and disgusting. Less then two years left of their little temper tantrum. 
Do I believe that this woman committed suicide because of an alteration to her benefits package? Only if she was batsh*t f**king insane anyway. Do I believe that Leftists are despicable, shameless, evil sons and daughters of b*tches who would use the suicide of a distraught woman to further a Marxist agenda? Every day of the frackin’ week.  
Well--me-- i'd put whoever said she committed suicide in prison, and the paper or site that reported it, disbanded, prohibited from further publishing, and sued for libel. 
Well.. how many people have committed suicide because they can't pay their taxes? 
Hmmm, goes back to Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. 
One could just as easily say that her suicide was connected, at least in part, to the pressure the union was putting on teachers to protest the policy … if the union leadership hadn't used such frightening imagery and vitriolic language to describe the impact of the budget repair legislation to her perhaps she wouldn't have taken her own life in the first place.  
Any liberal progressives looking to commit suicide can blame me. I'm alright with that.
Wouldn't you think the responsibility should fall on the flee-bagger Dem's, the public-union shills, and their uber-left puppet press who together made it sound like the Wisconsin legislature had voted for The End Of Life As We Know It?? 
To bad the liberals are trying to profit from her death " Never let a good crisis go to waste " - right ! I searched ... No police report , this fantasy was made up by the progressives to further their agenda....  
Liberalism truly is a mental disorder, and this is the final outcome once they reach middle age. Too bad most of them can't reach this conclusion around half this age range...then we would enjoy much more peace and freedom once more.
But this response, completely off topic, is typical of these low information patriotic extremists:
AmericanDawg commented: 
I searched the local paper and the only thing I found was her obituary ... The only interesting news was that Henry Mulberger Sr. (Democrat ) mayor of Watertown was successfully RECALLED !
Yeah, power to the Republicans…but wait. Here’s the real story, as it appears online:
…in the process of reading through some old documents we came across the name of one of Watertown's early pioneers and a community leader for the early decades of our city. That man was Henry Mulberger Sr. who was at one time president of Globe Milling in Watertown … For many years he served as vice president and a director, positions he held until just days before his death on Jan. 19, 1896, at the age of 72.
Another successful Republican "recall" effort?

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