Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Disaster Capitalism Dismantles Public Schools, Backs Parents into Corner in Milwaukee.

I posted this story from WTMJ4, in Milwaukee, because it's the perfect example of disaster capitalism. Watch how concerned parents will give up everything to save programs that they know work in their schools and on their children.

That's how disaster capitalism works. Desperation is ugly to watch. Instead, the parents should be demanding every penny of education spending be restored, and cuts made up somewhere else, holding the Republicans accountable for the worst public policy slashing imaginable. It also looks like the public taste for charter and vouchers schools have hit a wall. Similar opposition has taken hold in other states as well.

Remember too, that most economist have warned that cuts alone won't balance budgets, but a combination of both spending cuts and new taxes are necessary. That's why Scott Walker and his band of legislative thieves have been so brutal.

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