Sunday, March 13, 2011

We're "in charge of Wisconsin!!!" Why listen to the people when Sen. Alberta Darling is in Charge?

With arrogance on display, Sen. Alberta Darling unintentionally proves conservative John Dean's thesis and warning that Republican authoritarians pose a danger to their own party and nation.

Totally missing the point of the protests over the last three weeks that brought out nearly one million workers, Darling thinks the protests were all about preserving the unions ability to deduct dues from worker paychecks. Wow!

"It's about money," Darling says over and over. But that's nothing to Darling, who angrily defends "who's in charge."

According to Darling, this public challenge to their authority questions "who's in charge of Wisconsin," and has nothing to do with the long term threat posed by declining wages and benefits in the public and private sectors. Again, totally missing the protesters message.

You're in "FITZWALKERSTAN" now: We're in control, damn it, and we can do anything.

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