Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wind and Solar averse Walker blames Obama for Wisconsin's soon to be costly reliance on Coal.

Scott Walker loves coal. It's an old reliable fuel, cheap, pollutes like nobodies business, and prematurely kills thousands of people a year. Walker's reliance on coal and other fossil fuels has left the state in a costly pickle. While other states are moving forward with wind and solar, seeing smog, lead and arsenic contamination as undesirable, Walker is sticking with costly coal.

And now Walker is blaming Obama and the EPA for sticking rate payers with higher energy costs. Yes, Walker's bad decision is Obama's fault.

In his state-of-the-state address, Walker breathed new life into old cliches that blamed "top down mandates," unlike his own top down voucher mandates, mining mandates, cell tower mandates, billboard siting mandates, sick leave mandates, tort mandates, women's health mandates, voter ID and hours mandates etc.
Walker: "Top down regulations and mandates from the federal government can get in the way of innovation and growth in Wisconsin, and states like ours." 
So wind and solar aren't considered "innovative" enough, but coal is? Anyone see growth, or even a future in the coal industry? The now lawsuit happy Republicans are more than okay with legislating through the courts:
Walker: "Therefore I'm working with our new attorney general to prepare a lawsuit challenging the newly proposed federal energy regulations." 
Walker's backward and costly policy of staying with coal, and the prediction of lost manufacturing jobs, is now all Obama's fault:
Walker: "These proposals could have a devastating impact on Wisconsin, because we're so heavily dependent on manufacturing. According to recent reports, we could lose tens of thousands of jobs in our region, and the rate payers could see an increase of up to 29%. We will fight to protect Wisconsin's hard working families..."
...from Walker's own energy policy disaster, the one he created by himself when he opposed wind and solar expansion. Standing ovation please! And then the misdirection plea; asking the fed to work with the states for "reasonable" coal? Very BOLD:
Walker: "Instead of fighting with states like Wisconsin, the federal government should work with us to find reasonable alternatives. We can be both environmentally and economically sustainable."
Our poor irresponsible incidental Governor Walker will cost the state jobs and rate payers money on energy and the AG's legal bills. Now that's fiscal conservatism.

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  1. I'd like to see a response something like this from the Obama Administration or EPA.

    Dear Gov. Walker: 1.) instead of starting fights with politically motivated lawsuits, work with us for the good of your state and the country. 2.) It would benefit you to understand that wind, solar, water power and other renewable energy sources are the future. They are the alternative to traditional and finite fossil fuels, not the other way around. 3.) The sooner states can dig themselves out of dirty energy sources, the better our country will be prepared to defend its people and protect its resources for the future.