Friday, January 16, 2015

GOP flip flops on net neutrality...tell low information conservative voters, "never mind."

I am reminded of the Borg-like Republican collective’s penchant for repeating incoherent policies that end up changing like the weather when it's convenient:

But what happens when Republicans change their minds, you know, flip flop? Well, like the brilliant Twitter author above, they look like the dumbest fools. 

The thinking behind the latest flip flop shown below is this; Republicans now see the writing on the wall with net neutrality, and hope to keep it from being considered a utility, a categorization that’s hard to take back. It is a utility of course, like telephone, because providers all offer cable, the internet and…telephone, together in their bundle packages, making them a utility

Republicans simply want  to write a few laws so they can repeal them later, and not have their hands tied trying to convince people the internet isn't one of life’s big necessities, even though many people get their phone service via the internet. I know I do, and have for years with Vonage.  
“Times have changed,” Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), the chairman of the House telecom subcommittee, said when asked about the evolving GOP position on net neutrality. “The administration has latched onto this [utility-style regulation], and the FCC’s independence is nominal at best.” According to Walden, the Republican bill — which “is ready” and will be released in the coming days — “gives the protections that the president and FCC say they want, and does it in a legally sustainable way.”
Remember when Sen. Ted Cruz "called net neutrality 'Obamacare for the Internet.'” The change actually keeps things the same, a difficult concept for right wing conservative minds:
“Millions of people and businesses have stood up and once again made clear that they want to keep the same rights they’ve always had,” said Matt Wood, policy director of Free Press. “Self-identified conservatives, just like everyone else, overwhelmingly support keeping the rules that have kept the Internet open.”

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