Friday, January 16, 2015

Really? Wisconsin Career Politician Scott Walker paints Hillary Clinton as creature of "D.C.?"

Let me see if I've got this right about bad government; We saw a Republican president get us into two unpaid for wars that are now on the books; raised our deficit by trillions of dollars with trickle down economic tax cuts; saw congressional Republicans block legislation with poison pill amendments and filibusters that eventually shut down the government to the tune of $24 billion, and now America hates D.C. lawmakers and politics in general. Got it. So....

...using their own dysfunctional government creation, Scott Walker is now saying that Hillary Clinton is a creature of D.C.! Politico:
“She lives in Washington. She works in Washington. She came to Washington through this president and his administration. She was in Washington when she was a United States senator. She was in Washington when her husband was president of the United States. You look at everything that people dislike about Washington, and she embodies it.”
An amazing thing to say from a career politician in a party whose main purpose is to dismantle government and make it look as bad as possible. Missing from Walker's dig at Clinton; the high employment during Bill's tenure and surpluses as far as the eye could see (that could have paid for major reforms-from tax policy to a national health care system).

Walker, like Gov. Chris Christie, has failed on the jobs front, saw increased poverty, supports wage stagnation with his opposition to a minimum wage hike, ignored infrastructure improvements and is faced with a huge budget deficit. But that's okay...
“Washington isn't the place with the answers that we’re looking for. I think the states are where we get things done. I think we can carry that message in 2016 as well,” he said.
This is presidential material nowadays for Republican voters? What a choice.

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