Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Republican State Treasurer Adamczyk promises to abolish office, bashes EPA, wants to cancel the NY Times and fire Tia Nelson for concern over Global Warming.

The repressive authoritarian Republican agenda continues to get little coverage in the mainstream media, despite the threat it poses to public policy and our founding document, that pesky constitution.

It may be a small story to some, but it’s a revealing window into the conservative mindset of top down one party control over everything. The rationalization for meting out what can only be described as their iron fisted style of government, is to purge liberal policies. They have apparently left the country in absolute ruin.

Petty and mean spirited, Republicans continue to target as enemies of the authority, liberal-progressive-Democratic Wisconsinites. These disloyal elements will be forced out eventually. Patrick Marley-jsonline:  
Wisconsin's new state treasurer Matt Adamczyk, is making waves on an obscure state board (the Commission of Public Lands)— trying to get it to cancel its subscription to The New York Times, change its letterhead so the top administrator doesn't appear on it anymore and make sure any references to global warming are dropped from its website.
Predictably, Republican Adamczyk ran for office with the intention to destroy it (what's new, right), and voters thought, "hell yes." Kind of an odd way to get that done:
Matt Adamczyk wants to abolish the state treasurer’s office so badly, he’s running for the office to do it. “Let’s get rid of this thing,” the Republican told Wisconsin Reporter. “There’s three staff (in the treasurer’s office). I’m not retaining anyone. I will get this done. I will pound this issue every single day.
This jolly rotund fellow then went to work:
Adamczyk has raised issues large and small at the Board of Commissioners of Public Land, which operates a trust that provides funding for school libraries and makes loans to municipalities and school districts.

Tia Nelson, daughter of the late U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson, (told) staff to document all contacts they've had with Adamczyk … "That's news to me and seems very weird," Adamczyk said … he had "huge concerns" about Nelson, but came short of saying she should be fired … but later he agreed to evaluate her performance.
Adamczyk attacked Nelson for her outside activities as well - saving the environment. Republican Adamczyk of course hates the EPA:
Among Adamczyk's concerns are Nelson's environmental background she served on a state global warming task force five years ago. "I don't see a role in this board to do anything else (outside its mission), like become a Wisconsin version of the Environmental Protection Agency," Adamczyk said at Tuesday's meeting … references to global warming should be removed from the agency's website.
Adamczyk hates Nelson’s work so much he wants to take her name of the stationary letterhead:
Adamczyk ... wrote to Nelson asking that the names of elected officials not appear on the board's letterhead. "Commissioner Adamczyk said he felt 'passionately that the name Tia Nelson should not be listed,'" the minutes say ... Schimel and La Follette would not go along with the idea. On Tuesday, Adamczyk said in an interview the letterhead "isn't that big a deal."
Well informed? Not the purpose of government: Adamczyk chose (as a government official now) to officially remove and censor the more liberal information accessed by board members…like the NY Times, one of two out-of-state newspapers. The “local” Wall Street Journal is okay? 
The board took up the board's subscription to The New York Times. "First and foremost, this is completely unnecessary," Adamczyk wrote in a Dec. 22 email to Nelson. "We live in Wisconsin and we don't need a subscription to this publication."

Nelson responded that she and other staff read the Times along with the … The Wall Street Journal, Lakeland Times, Wisconsin State Journal and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "It's been my view that having a diversity of news sources has been helpful," Nelson said at Tuesday's meeting.
Diversity in Wisconsin? Not if our Republican big government overlords can help it.

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