Thursday, January 22, 2015

Walker hates Common Core...again. Sells incomparable test standards to low information voters.

While Scott Walker is still thinking about running for president, he's blocked off a little time in Iowa for some reason. He'll speak at the oddly named Freedom Summit (sponsored by who else Citizens United), because we've lost so much of it lately. Walker is now emphasizing his disdain for Common Core, after appearing squishy on it in his state-of-the-state speech.

Green Bay's Fox 11 reported that Walker wants different standards, incomparable ones, giving schools a choice over what test to use. Like No Child Left Behind, district's will simply lowered their test standards to get higher scores. It's accountability in name only, but isn't everything Republicans do just for show anyway? It's working, and getting them elected:

Walker: “I’m all for high standards. Wisconsin has some of the highest standards on its own. I just believe the standards should be set by people within the state and not outside the state. They should ultimately be set at the local level ... I also want them to make it perfectly clear in the statutes that school districts do not have to use common core, and that we take it a step further and we work with the legislature to make sure there aren't things like the Smarter Balanced test going forward that require the schools to use the Common Core.”
According to Fox 11, at least one parent is seeing the same results I'm seeing with my two boys:
Lori Cathey, the Green Bay Education Association President says while the way common core has been implemented isn't perfect, she’s seen positive results. “My son is seven. He’s in the second grade. He’s had common core math since he was in kindergarten and the stuff he is able to truly understand about math and the concepts and about why things happen. It’s just amazing,” said Cathey.

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