Saturday, January 24, 2015

Republicans give-up on property rights and U.S. sovereignty for Keystone XL Pipeline!!!

Brad Blog was right to point out the absolute destructive lunacy of our rightwing authoritarian overlords when it comes to gaming the system against the American public.

Two incredible examples spilled out of the Keystone XL pipeline debate:
1. “The pipeline's owner, TransCanada Corp., has now filed an eminent domain action in a Nebraska state court seeking to force private landowners to grant an easement that would permit the Canadian-owned company to erect sections of the highly controversial Keystone XL on privately owned land.”

2. The new filing comes on the heels of a controversial decision earlier this month in which a 3-judge minority of the 7-judge Nebraska Supreme Court were permitted to overturn a lower court ruling that the process by which the state's Republican Governor Dave Heineman permitted TransCanada to revise the pipeline's route was unconstitutional … a Cornhusker state requirement that state constitutionality be determined by a super-majority of high court's justices. 
The supposed party of property rights and U.S. sovereignty just got exposed as absolute bullshitters.

This reminds of the GOP's 4th Amendment work-around where they can glean suspicion of drug use from a "questionnaire" for food stamps. I'm sure there are an infinite number of ways for constitutional conservatives to bypass our founding document, and they won't hesitate to use them.

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