Thursday, January 1, 2015

Republican Party's inclusive agenda includes White Supremacists.

After seeing Speaker John Boehner and others standing up for Rep. Steve Scalise, a guy who spoke to a group of white supremacists, I knew this was code for "welcome racists one and all." Republicans are going for all the apples this time around, thanks to our newly gerrymandered nation, and they're not shy about it.

Love the title of the following article, and loved 2 ways to know you’re speaking to white supremacists. I mean really, the name of the group wasn't a dead giveaway?  
Steve Scalise, the third highest-ranking Republican in the House, said he couldn’t recall the speech and had no idea who these people were. And really, how are you supposed to know these days.

But let’s consider a few useful guidelines for knowing when you've got a problem: 
1. The group was founded by David Duke. 

3. The name of the group is the European-American Unity and Rights Organization: This is so nonsensical, really, that I had trouble even typing it without looking it up three times. Actually, Duke originally called the group the National Organization for European-American Rights, or NOFEAR, but then the sportswear company “No Fear” filed a trademark infringement suit against him, and it turned out that Duke had maybe just a little fear, because he quickly changed the name to EURO. Currencies don’t sue.

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