Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another Walker Propane fiasco a failure of Leadership!!!

Did we not see something like this coming? Another problem not fixed by strong rhetoric, by a leader too focused on his own out-of-whack ambitions. 
WKOW: Walker declares energy emergency because of propane problem: Gov. Scott Walker has declared a precautionary energy emergency because of service interruptions on a key propane pipeline.

Intermittent interruptions are affecting the Mid-America East Blue Pipeline at the Janesville terminal. Walker says in a statement that early indications are the supply problem will be short-lived.

The main effect of the order is relaxing rules on hours for motor carriers and truckers who transport propane in case they need to travel to other terminals.
Relaxing the rules on truckers hours...transporting explosive propane?

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  1. There was a shortage last year also. Frankly, I'd rather see the fuel get transported than have people freeze to death due to lack of fuel.

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