Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Incidental Gov. Walker won't lift a finger if Wisconsinites lose Tax Credits on the Exchanges.

Were you under the impression Scott Walker was elected to serve the people? Crazy idea. In a WISEye interview, Walker was clear; 
"I don't make decisions based on polls, or based on what people are going to like or dislike...I'm gonna do what I think is the right thing to do."

A one party big government authority, and you're supposed to follow.  

And he won't do a thing if the Affordable Care Act is forced to drop the tax credit for those on the federal, not state, exchanges. 
Gov. Scott Walker’s plan if the Supreme Court reinterprets Obamacare to take health care away from hundreds of thousands of his constituents is to “do nothing,” according to a local news report, even though he and his fellow Wisconsin Republicans have the power to save these individuals from that fate … the problem would be too big for Wisconsin or any one state to try and fix. “It would create an urgent problem across the country—not just in Wisconsin,” Walker said in an interview with WisconsinEye.
Yea, in 35 states. Here's the audio from Wisconsin Eye, demonstrating how our incidental governor plans to just get out of the way. What, help the people of Wisconsin?

There is a chance our crazy conservative activist Supreme Court will find a way to say the congress meant to fund the state based exchanges. Do a search, see if anyone ever brought this up. Gazette Extra:
Walker predicted that his fellow Republicans who control Congress would “create a time frame for a transition” and authorize “alternatives for the states” … and should be replaced with a market-driven system where patients make their health care decisions.
Walker is deceptive and tricky too. He's right to say we were one of the best state for insurance coverage, but that's because a lot of people were on BadgerCare due to the higher percentage rate over poverty. It wasn't because people were insured privately. Walker lowered it back down to 100%.

Will Republicans take insurance away from people, just like they claimed Obama did? Sure why not:
“It's clear that's not what was intended in Wisconsin and we'll all have to find a way to address what could be an urgent problem,” said Eric Borgerding, president of the Wisconsin Hospital Association.Borgerding said “thousands” of Wisconsin residents could lose health care. “One of the key reasons many Wisconsin lawmakers ultimately rejected Medicaid expansion and reduced Medicaid eligibility down to 100 percent of the federal poverty limit is because those coming off Medicaid would be able to obtain subsidized coverage on a federal exchange.

Bob DeVita, who founded Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative said: “Uninsured rates would rapidly increase across the nation in all states affected like Wisconsin, and the impact on individuals losing coverage would be both immediate and significant. This sudden, immediate impact on thousands of Wisconsinites and millions of individual American citizens would be so newsworthy it would likely receive major news exposure—similar to the media attention which a government shutdown gets,” DeVita added.

Wisconsin should finally set up the state-based exchange authorized by the ACA, said state Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling of La Crosse. “Wisconsin families and businesses can't afford to have the rug pulled out from under them again due to the stubborn inaction of Republicans in Madison.”

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