Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Anti-Government conservatives love Government Jobs.

I can hear them already saying, "Yea, let's make government smaller by downsizing it and shedding jobs. Oh, and by the way, elect me as your next 'on the public dole' Republican lawmaker."

Gerrymandering helped big time, along with an unrelenting campaign of fear, hate and government gridlock. But their warmed over pursuit of failed policies and shocking lack of a detailed agenda caught the imagination of conservative "magical thinkers" everywhere. Isn't it strange how conservatives are obsessed with pursuing government jobs time and time again. Losing any number of times (Mitt?) doesn't even stop them.

Yet they still hate the size of government, all the while filling statehouses everywhere:
The GOP now controls 68 of the 98 partisan legislative chambers. On top of that, Republicans have 31 seated governors.-21st Century Democrats
As long as there's a Democrat alive and well, elected to an office anywhere in this country, Republicans will always have someone to blame for their failures.

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