Saturday, January 31, 2015

What, Walker wrong? $535 million surplus really $283 million deficit? Who knew?

I guess it's not surprising Scott Walker won his reelection, after all, it was another one of those notorious midterm elections where Republicans turn out like flies on shit.

Even Walker's confidently stated lies can't break the trust they put in their "leader."

But to portray the struggling state of our economy, hit hard by the failure of his supply side austerity agenda, as somehow moving Wisconsin forward...would that be the last straw ... Walker's last big whopper and insult to our intelligence? Nope!

It now looks like the liberal blogosphere's warnings were amazingly accurate, again:

After telling his panting followers the above complete fabrication, he gave his now classic Walker "yes" nod. He does that a lot, to "catapult the propaganda," as George W. Bush say. The truth is, he's officially $283 million short this year, and faces this projection...
jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker begins his second term … plug a $2.2 billion state budget gap.
Of course that doesn't include the $750 million transportation budget gap, which Walker now brags he's going to borrow. And don't forget he's taking out a $220 million state loan to help build the Buck's arena. He's looking out for the taxpayers?

He asked for an estimate of the budget challenge assuming that lawmakers would hold most spending at 2014-’15 levels for the two following years, and tax revenue would rise at the five-year average of 2.9 percent. That yielded an estimate of a $535 million surplus.

That rosy number flies in the face of the official estimate that uses a long-established method used by members of both parties, and the governor’s budget office.

We rate the claim False.


  1. And yet, here he is just yesterday on C-SPAN claiming that WI has a surplus. And none of his friends at the right wing DC think tank du jour call him on it...

  2. Does this surprise anyone anymore? The fact that Walker goes as far as to fake a pheasant hunting injury and his stupid claim of a cabinet door causing his bald spot is beyond the comprehension of anyone with even 1/2 a brain. Walker is a MASTER con artist; a superbly effective GRIFTER. His whole platform is based on a house of cards and the hardworking taxpayer will pay the price when Governor Grifter lies and cheats his way into the White House. Better enjoy it now because Governor Grifter will tank this economy. Elect Walker in 2016 and you just gave ISIS the gift of the century.