Saturday, January 24, 2015

Walker takes credit for 2nd place Graduation Rates in our "failed" Public Schools, so why all the Voucher Talk?

A little known secret made the news the other day that dispels every Scott Walker and Republican lie about our supposed failing public schools.
Wisconsin’s high school graduation rate was 88.0% for the 2012-13 school year, just behind Iowa at 90 percent and tied for second. 
That's way over the national average of just 81%. So what's all this talk about our failing public unionized schools? It was all a carefully constructed right wing privatization campaign myth.

It seems despite Republican efforts to voucherize education and bleed public schools dry, the switch over to Common Core standards in 2010 and the incredible dedication teachers had for their students was enough to keep the state's ranking at the top.

Thanks to Scott Walker? Who wants to take credit for something he nearly single handedly destroyed with Act 10? Scott Walker of course, and he lied again making it seem like the ranking included all four years of his administration, when in fact it wasn't. We're talking about the 2012-13 school year. And the fact that the actual that graduating class started 4 years earlier and Wisconsin's graduation rates haven't really changed much for the last 3 years...well, has this guy ever accomplished anything policy wise?

2011: 87.0%
2012: 87.5%
2013: 88.0%

NOTE: Wisconsin's top graduation rate blows up Walker's excuse that the Act 10 protests negatively effected business and job creation. If anything, Act 10 should have negatively effect teaching and public education in general, since that's what the protests and recalls were all about...and it didn't. WKOW:

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