Sunday, January 18, 2015

Iowa Republicans control Walker and state economy. No Kenosha Casino or else.

Our one party right wing authoritarian statewide majority is just one tentacle of the national movement to turn the country “red” (the next Red Threat?). When you have an entire political agenda fine-tuned by a few conservative bill writing collectives, its hard believe they still think they're the rugged go-it-alone party of individuals.

So it should be no surprise to see presidential wannabe Scott Walker getting his marching orders from his Borg-like overlords in Iowa, where all presidential aspirants must tow the line.
jsonline: Influential social conservatives in Iowa are warning Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker that approving a proposed Kenosha casino next month could hurt his presidential bid … Walker must decide by Feb. 19 … Tom Coates, executive director of Consumer Credit of Des Moines, wrote Walker after his November re-election and sent him a petition against gambling expansion he said had been signed by 600 Republicans, including U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and both Republican National Committee members from Iowa, Steve Scheffler and Tamara Scott. "As you are contemplating a presidential bid, I sincerely hope you will consider a 'No Expanding Gaming' policy," Coates wrote.
The news media pretended during Walker’s reelection that he was thoughtfully considering the pros and cons, while everybody else knew it was just a con to get Kenosha area votes.
Iowa's attempt to influence policy in Wisconsin is not just outrageous, but an eye opener for tribes with existing gambling outlets. The reason to oppose the Kenosha facility below, adds gambling to the long list of out-of-favor businesses in Wisconsin:
"The increased societal problems of divorce, bankruptcy, debt, depression and suicide, and the additional cost to local governments to handle these problems and the crimes associated with gambling far outweigh any perceived advantages that may be provided by expanded gambling," Bob Vander Plaats, the president and chief executive officer of The Family Leader wrote last month
So much for people having the freedom and liberty to do what the hell they want to, even gamble.


  1. Let's's not morally acceptable to gamble. However, it's perfectly acceptable to blackmail. Typical republicon hypocrisy.

  2. He's there to meet and be courted by his vice presidential running mate in 2020. Iowa Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds. Walker-Reynolds 2020. You heard it here first!

    Don't laugh. The kochroach machine believes in planned marriages, even if they don't believe in family planning.

    Kim Reynolds is another kochroach special just like Walker. She is a slightly smarter and slightly more articulate Iowa version of Sarah Palin. Not to mention another anti Hillary and loves our troops unlike all democRATs.

    Reynolds as been carefully cultivated by Governor Terry Branstad (OG ALEC from the early 1980s) to take over the Iowa branch of the talibangelical temple. She'll be helping pick the 2016 rebiblican candidate.

    Mustache Terry Branstad is probably praying that Reynolds keeps sweet and doesn't fall off the wagon. If she gets that third OWI that will take some Rove style fixing, because number three is supposed to be serious felony time.

    Walker doesn't give much thought to gambling other than to offer thanks that Jack Abramoff got busted before he too office. Otherwise, that could be him testifying before a federal grand jury for campaign contributions or influence peddling or theft or whatever.