Sunday, January 4, 2015

Will Republicans oppose local grocery store Beer Growler fill-ups?

I'm liking the following idea a lot. In fact it sounds too good to be true. It could even destroy the Republican majority if they defy the public on this one: 
WKOW: Grocery stores could soon allow customers to get fresh beer on tap, you've probably heard of "growlers" -- they come in half gallon or 64-ounce ceramic or glass containers. You find them at many local breweries, but now Wisconsin Grocers Association wants to change licensing laws so you can fill them up right in the store.

Brent Weycker, owner of Titletown Brewing Company in Green Bay says,"One of the new phenomenon's with craft beers is, and beers in general is that a lot of them don't package a lot of the specialty beers, so the only way to get them home in a smaller quantity is to put them in growlers."

But not everyone is in favor the fill-up proposal. The state tavern league says it opposes the idea -- but won't give a further explanation until they can take a look at legislation.

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