Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Walker predictions wrong, get him reelected, but never materialize thanks to Supply Side Economics.

Remember this golden oldies from the last state of the state?
The governor touted a memo from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau issued a few days before last year's speech that said the state would have $911 million more than expected as an ending balance by June 2015, creating a total surplus of just more than $1 billion.
That didn't happen. Thanks to WISC's Jessica Arp, we have this Fact Check update:
Because of the tax cuts and many other factors, by the time the Legislature adjourned in March, the surplus was down to just $165 million. Then, in November, a memo issued by the administration said it is now $132 million in the red. 
Here's Arp's report:

And without the governors leadership and focus, educational maneuvers are not working out like we were told. In fact, we're spending money without getting a return on the investment:
News 3 found $28 million awarded to all 16 tech colleges in July to open nearly 5,000 new spots. So far, 1,526 students are enrolled statewide in those spots, and 252 of them have completed training.
Don't hold your breath waiting for adjustments. But the governors favorite forward thinking occupation, welding (?), is taking off:
Madison College officials said so far, they've added spots for 425 students and have eliminated one waiting list in welding.
Walker is barely paying attention to anything now, letting things slide...:
On the high school training programs, News 3 found a grant application wasn't posted until last month, so that $3 million has not been spent.

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  1. And Walker's Admin barely spent more than $100,000 of the $3.75 million set aside last year for Transitional Jobs have been spent as part of the "Transform Milwaukee" inititative (see page 43 of this report).

    Then again, when did results and performance matter in right-wing world? It's all about words and poses with this crew. Oh, and grabbing and much power and money from everybody else that they can.