Saturday, January 3, 2015

Journalists receive Death Threats from War Hungry conservatives for Criticizing "American Sniper."

My conservative confidant and I have gone our separate ways. What happened? I simply said there's a growing feeling on the right that liberals are threat, and they're using that vilification to justify taking up arms against the government. He wondered where I ever got that impression.

Well, the reaction to Clint Eastwood's film "American Sniper" is the latest and best example yet that sadly proves my point. Raw Story:
Two journalists, Rania Khalek and Max Blumenthal, have become the target of death threats and online harassment from conservatives and Tea Party supporters for their criticism of the pro-Iraq War film American Sniper.

Khalek wrote on Friday that she and Blumenthal had aired their grievances with the film, which they see as glorifying the U.S. invasion of Iraq and lionizing a bloodthirsty killer who boasted of his pleasure in gunning down some 160 to 250 Iraqi “savages” during the height of the war.

This “kicked off an endless flood in our Twitter mentions of outraged rightwing military worshippers who’ve whipped themselves into a hateful frenzy out of blind obedience to a mass killer,” Khalek said.

That's dangerous talk from the conservative right, that now seems to oppose free speech and opposing viewpoints. How long before threats like these not only dampen free speech, but morph into actual vigilante "justice," protecting our "freedoms?"
Michelle Malkin’s site published a piece blasting Khalek and Blumenthal as “American Psychos,” far-left kooks trying to tarnish the memory of a great American. Blumenthal and Khalek were then flooded with death threats and harassment.

From the now-suspended account of one Robert Clemons came the exhortation, “BOTH OF YOU ASSHOLES NEED TO BE SHOT DEAD. DO ALL A FAVOR. GO KILL YOURSELVES.” Clemens also wrote, “@RaniaKhalek it is a DAMN SHAME he never had the chance to target YOU. YOU NEED TO DIE C*NT.”

Here's what some of those tweets looked like:


  1. "That's dangerous talk from the conservative right, that now seems to oppose free speech and opposing viewpoints."

    It seems Blumenthal is the one opposed to free speech and opposing opinions.

  2. Liberals are about as much of a threat as fleas are to a dog. They're just annoyingly stupid. They'll be the first ones to starve to death, lose it, and die off in the collapse for failing to prepare and understand the circumstances.

    Besides, Thomas Jefferson was a liberal.

    The modern liberal is a progressive and you guys have it exactly ass backwards on everything.

    I do like Max Blumenthal however. He's done great work exposing the zionist crimes of Israel.

  3. My head is already hurting after reading the two comment here.

    The reporters have tweeted their opinions, they haven't called for a ban on the film or opposed the right to say what the movie says. They object to the glorification of soldiers, war and Kyle's unconfirmed accomplishments that seem made up.

    You see something that isn't there, as a way to delegitimize criticism and promote silencing their voices.

    As far as the stupid "liberal" annoyance, that sounds real free speech like from our conservative masters. Do you listen to yourself? No self awareness?

  4. "They object to the glorification of soldiers, war and Kyle's unconfirmed accomplishments that seem made up."

    Come'n, that's hypocrisy at its highest. Where is their objection to glorification of Seal Team 6, their objection to Obama assassinating two American citizens, to the glorification to the military at every sporting event in the country, to glorification to Pat Tillman for giving up a football career to go kill people, for every other movie glorifying war and the military and honoring every soldier on every holiday on the calendar.
    What a pile of manure you are spreading.

  5. This country is dying a slow death due to stupidity and not any terrorist threat or enemy army. What a hateful, spiteful, egotistical nation this has become.