Friday, January 23, 2015

Iowa GOP Threat, and Walker presidential ambitions, make Kenosha Casino Denial a No-Brainer. Good-bye jobs, hello White House?

Scott Walker surprised no one today. jsonline:
Gov. Scott Walker killed the Menominee's tribe effort to open an off-reservation casino in Kenosha.
There he goes again. Isn't it obvious now Gov. Scott Walker is no leader and a failed job creator? But does he really want to be our next president? Of course. Let's be honest for a change.

First Walker delayed the Kenosha casino decision to shore up as many area votes as possible. That much was pretty transparent. He played off the hopes of area residents that his supposed focus on jobs would end well for them. It didn't.

But Scott Walker's one ambition, to become president with one party rule, trumped everything. It's the latest Republican meme that slipped unintentionally from the lips of George W. Bush:
“If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier... as long as I'm the dictator. Hehehe.”
No joke, he meant it. It's been the topic of the party behind closed doors for at least a decade. Even Walker said his decision to run would be based on the senate flipping to the GOP. And it did.

Remember earlier this week when Iowa party leaders threatened Walker if he went ahead and approved the casino:
jsonline: Influential social conservatives in Iowa are warning Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker that approving a proposed Kenosha casino next month could hurt his presidential bid … Tom Coates, executive director of Consumer Credit of Des Moines, wrote Walker after his November re-election and sent him a petition against gambling expansion he said had been signed by 600 Republicans, including U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and both Republican National Committee members from Iowa, Steve Scheffler and Tamara Scott. "As you are contemplating a presidential bid, I sincerely hope you will consider a 'No Expanding Gaming' policy," Coates wrote.
It's time to make the Potawatomi tribe hurt statewide with a boycott. If they can't take the competition, then their anti-business, anti-job practices should be punished.

They have one casino is in Forest County, the other in downtown Milwaukee. Funny thing, their casino in northern Wisconsin competes with 9 other casinos. In Milwaukee...0!!! Thank you free market Scott Walker.

Why the press allows Walker and the Republican Party play these games, especially when it's ridiculously obvious, is a mystery to me. Who didn't see this coming, really?

Now, let's continue to wonder if Walker is going to run for president, okay?


  1. Two guesses as to which tribe gave the most money to the Walker campaign.

  2. The minute the Potowatomi withheld their $25 million gaming payment Walker should have declared the Doyle compact void as the Potowatomi failed to make the required payment to keep their gaming license. He could have shut down their casinos and played hard ball like an elected leader should. But it was in his best interests to be held hostage and milk money and votes from both sides by remaining silent until after the election. He's a shake down artist with the best of them! Once he had used people to the maximum and Iowa told him what to do he threw the Kenosha casino under the bus but not until he had milked them dry.

  3. Excellent point, I did not think of that. They did break their contract. It was blatant extortion.