Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Walker's cuts to UW will lead to Texas Tuition Disaster.

Scott Walker found a way to fund the new multipurpose arena in downtown Milwaukee as a way to invest in the region and encourage economic development.

Yet Walker doesn't think that same investment in our state colleges would have a similar result, everywhere, not just in Milwaukee. 

The last few years Republicans have been arguing against that idea that young adults needed a college education, were talked into it, and made a costly mistake. Walker is part of that crowd, talking endlessly about the insatiable need for welders. 

Walker, Texas Replayer: Walker must have caught wind of a similar Texas plan, that unbeknownst to Walker, is failing. Let's face it, he's not a deep thinker and he always runs from problem solving. Texas legislators are now trying to fix sky rocketing tuition's. See if any of this sounds familiar:
Some Texas lawmakers want to reclaim the right to set college tuition rates. The legislature had given that authority to the schools in 2003. But now, higher tuition costs are making college unaffordable for a section of Texas students and that is one of the reasons some lawmakers are rethinking that decision. Twelve years ago, state lawmakers began allowing public universities to set their own tuition rates so they could cover a funding gap caused by the legislature’s cuts to the higher education budget in 2003 and the years that followed.
Much like Walker's $300 million cut? So here's what happened...
Since then, tuition rates in Texas have skyrocketed by an average 107 percent, and that jump has prompted a bipartisan effort in the Senate to let the legislature once again control tuition.
What is obvious to everyone but Walker is that tuition is going to climb fast. In fact, it'll be my sons first year at the UW...bad timing folks.

If anything, Democrats had better start promising to reverse the damage Walker and his Republican pirates are doing. And where is the outrage from parents across the state. What in gods name has to happen before we realize we're losing everything for some idiotic policy wrapped in the words liberty and freedom.

Here's the WISC look at Walker's destructive proposal, which by the way, corporate UW higher ups kinda like:

NOTE: This downward slide into idiocracy and the GOP attack on education is across the board. Our own Paul Ryan has the following plan, on top of Walker's possible tuition increases:
For Pell Grants the Paul Ryan budget would cut $200 billion from this program. This would affect middle and lower class citizens is a huge way. The Pell Grant is the only way some poor families could pay for college. With cuts to the Pell Grant, many lower class people who would like to get to college couldn't afford the tuition. Following last year’s budget standoffs, next year’s maximum Pell grant of $5,645 will cover just one-third of the average cost of college — the smallest share ever.

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  1. Welders are in abundant supply. Caterpillar is laying them off by the hundreds--after the state payed to train them.