Tuesday, January 13, 2015

State Senate GOP take Superintendent powers away from taxpayer supported Voucher and Charter Schools, say they're not like Public Schools at all.

(Update and revised Wed.) On the way to usurping the constitutional office of the superintendent of education, again, Republicans are now claiming private charters and voucher schools are so different from public schools, that they each need a big government board overseeing them. That's my read on this. Yes, two bureaucratic boards, one placating vouchers, and the other overseeing charter and public schools. All from the party of small government too.

Public schools will still be under the watchful eye of a professional, Superintendent Tony Evers, thank god.

With two different standards, you can forget about accountability. Seriously, what's to compare?
Sen. Paul Farrow: "As much as everyone wants to say it's a apple to apples holding things equally accountable, it can't be done. There are three separate pieces, and so we're looking at a way we can hold each of the sectors accountable the way they should be."
Complete fiction and a giveaway to voucher interests and big money, who really don't want real accountability.

This also establishes 2 parallel school systems. Two. If the senate agrees to go along with the assembly's "optional test" for voucher schools, then comparisons are out the window. And with rising voucher outlays every year (voucher advocates are working on getting full student tuition), with no way to tell whether the two privates system are failing, public education will die a slow funding death.

Note: Walker will allow Common Core as a way to continue to lift scores, making himself look good, while privatization sinks scores on the other end. This is shameless government at its GOP worst. WKOW:

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