Thursday, January 29, 2015

UW...gone!!! Walker trashes faculty for not teaching more, "doing more work." Oh, and it clears way for more tax cuts.

Scott Walker is so desperate to make his budget busting tax cuts disappear in time for his presidential run, that he's basically getting rid of the University of Wisconsin's funding cutting it loose. It's also another way to clear the way for those promised future tax cuts. 

Instead of the entire state sharing in the cost of educating our kids, spurring on future economic growth for generations to come, Walker is pushing the entire burden off onto the students and parents. College tuition's will skyrocket like they did in Texas and eliminate middle class access completely, leaving the remaining students with exorbitant student loans to pay off...if ever. 

Lazy Liberal UW Faculty Staffers need to Work Harder: There's a reason for all this. Within the more anecdotal based/anti-science/anti-education bubble Walker inhabits exists the notion faculty elitists loaf all day. What did Governor Dropout say on Charlie Sykes show? jsonline:

"In the future, by not having the limitation of things like shared governance, they might be able to make savings just by asking faculty and staff to consider teaching one more class a semester," Walker told reporters at the Madison hotel … he had told WTMJ-AM host Charlie Sykes, "maybe it's time for faculty and staff to start thinking about teaching more classes and doing more work."
That didn't go over to well at the UW:
University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross bristled on a Thursday morning radio talk show at Gov. Scott Walker's remarks the day before that faculty and staff could teach more classes and work harder. Asked during "The Joy Cardin Show" on Wisconsin Public Radio about his reaction to the governor taking a shot at faculty and staff workloads, UW President Ray Cross took a long pause to gather his thoughts and then said:

"I'm very frustrated over that. ... I think it's a shame that people don't understand what faculty really do" … Cross said faculty work 50 to 60 hours a week. "Blame administrators. Don't deride faculty. I'm getting tired of this... I'm tired of faculty being blamed for these problems."
And then Cross pointed out how it looks when our freeloading Republicans are not "working" at the Capitol:  
Cross said Thursday it would be the same thing as criticizing how hard legislators work, "if all we think they do is what we see them do when both chambers are in session."


  1. Perhaps all bureaucrats, and politicians should be given brooms and sacks so they can present the appearance of staying busy.

  2. Walker should try doing more work along with the Republican legislators. Why is Walker traveling all over the nation for 2016, when he has a job to do here? It is ridiculous to listen to Walker drone on about how everyone else isn't pulling their weight. Those professors are "hardworking taxpayers" right? The state gets tax revenue from them - but because they are essentially teachers who pay taxes - they aren't respected. Remember this: if this lying egomaniac makes the White House in 2016, it will be a very treacherous time in America. Walker is a fascist. Mark my words; he is drunk with power and will use it unwisely. Terrorism will explode under his reign because he will be 20x more offensive than George W Bush.